Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Gift Making This Weekend

This week, we are having a few workshops:

Whoa, man - that's... like... so cool.


Custom Blends for the Skin:

Create: As fresh, natural and organic as you wish... six amazing essential oils blends to choose from to scent and enhance the healing effects of these holiday gifts. No Chemicals, no artificial ingredients, no sulfates, no phthalates, just nature’s goodness and 100% love.

Create products with a conscience:

 You will create the following products:

Bath Salt with Botanicals 5oz,
Aromatic Room/Body Spray 5oz,
Natural Perfume Roll-on 5 mL,
Bar Soap with Botanicals 3oz

In each workshop, you will make 2 of each product for a total of 8 products each natural ingredients and essential oils. (Value $125) Space is limited, sign up today. Additional products can be made for an added fee.

So Let's Review:

You will receive 8 products of pure therapeutic essential oils blends, a conscious awareness for pure bliss and tried and true formulas for anti-aging, rejuvenating and hydrating the skin.

Are you screaming sign me up? Well space is limited, so check your calendar and do it now. These workshops ALWAYS sellout!

DATE: Saturday December 14, 2013 AND/OR Sunday December 15, 2013
TIME: 2-4pm
PLACE: Bridge to Avalon - 757 Saint Andrews Blvd.

Heather Howell-Vitale AKA the Aromatic Alchemist has love, compassionate and great reverence for plant essences and their healing power. She custom blends for specifics, creates signature perfumes, consults and teaches a wide variety of workshops. Heather also teaches therapeutic uses of Essential Oils to medical professionals, massage therapists and other healing practitioners as well as those who want to assist themselves and their families. In her private practice, Heather assists her clients’ issues, guiding them in obtaining wellness through the natural medicine of essential oils as a Clinical Aromatherapist formulating healing essential oil blends for health issues such as but not limited to: stress, clarity, eczema, menopause, ADHD/ADD, respiratory care, sinuses, sleep issues, energetics and much more. Passionate about natural healing, Heather has over 15 years of experience in the realms of Aromatic therapy and healing modalities. Married life with three incredible children based on holistic living, energetic presence and nature is rewarding and fulfilling.  Call 843.614.7283 or visit our web at

Know that I am passionate about natural remedies, love my profession and look forward to being of assistance. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Make it a great week, until next time....

Your Aromatic Alchemist,

Heather Howell-Vitale
Charleston, SC