Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Energetic of Essential OIls

Please join us this Sunday, November 23rd for an Energetic afternoon with Master Aromatherapist Heather Howell-Vitale.

Heather will engage you in an afternoon of questing knowledge to assist you in letting go of old programs and moving forward on your path

Vibrational Aromatics makes use of essential oils to affect the subtle body .and the soul. You will experience the energetic or vibrational qualities rather than their physical properties. This is a form of energetic healing, embracing the use of essential oils as an aid to meditation, affirmations, visualizations and all transformative techniques that are based on our inner work. Cost - $47.00
What you will receive from this class:
  • Benefits of using essential oils energetically
  • Knowledge of essential oil safety
  • Experience an Essential oil meditation to connect with aromatics at the heart level
  • Create your own energetic formula
Click here to register for an afternoon of amazing vibrations.

About Heather ~  Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and founder/owner of Aromatic Institute, where she formulates custom blends, conducts consultations and teaches workshops. Heather served as a Director on the Board and the National Representative of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists.
  Heather is known as the Aromatic Alchemist has love, compassionate and great reverence for plant essences, their healing power and frequency. Heather assists her clients' issues, guiding them in obtaining wellness through the natural medicine of essential oils as a Clinical Aromatherapist formulating healing essential oil blends for health issues such as but not limited to: stress, clarity, eczema, menopause, ADHD/ADD, respiratory care, sinuses, sleep issues, energetics and much more. Passionate about natural healing, Heather has over 15 years of experience in the realms of Aromatic therapy and healing modalities.

As a Divine Life Coach, Heather uses her more than a decade experience and training to tailor an approach just for you. With her specialized leadership skills and intuitive sensitivities, she hears what you say and reads between the lines to assist you in eliminating the continual speed bumps. You will be ready to take the necessary steps, feeling more expansive and excited to explore your new path and follow your dreams. "I assist people in loosening useless restrictions and inspire growth and renewed passion for Life." Married life with three incredible children based on holistic living, energetic presence and nature is rewarding and fulfilling. Questions or curiosities? Call 843.614.7283 or visit our web at www.aromaticinstitute.com