Thursday, January 29, 2015

Love Blends the Aromatic Way....

From an energy point of view, a blocked sacral chakra can suppress your passion in life. Not just sexual passion but also that raw passion for everything that you do in your life.
Pushing through life and not taking time to play makes it hard to nurture yourself.

Our senses and feelings can give us balance and satisfaction in a busy and technical world. We perceive the world through our senses, so when we utilize the subtle talents of essential oils, we assist in emotionally and mentally restoring our spirit.
Join me this Sunday February 8, 2015 for an afternoon of self discovery through essential oils. Embrace your love of life, experience the gift of love: self love, soul-ful love, unconditional love. Below are essential oils that we will be using to formulate amazing blends of love. You will make transformational products like Luscious Body Oil, Room and Body Spray and Botanical Bath Salts.

Jasmine – live in the now, stop worrying about everything

Ylang Ylang – releases anger and frustration

Rose – to romance and love yourself

Cinnamon – bring out the extrovert from within

Bergamot – soothes feelings of anger and frustration

Sandalwood – keeps your space clear of others negativity

Black Pepper – helps find direction in life

Sweet Orange – remove seriousness that is bogging you down in life

Grapefruit – promotes optimism and a positive attitude

Rosewood – enabling you to “see past the trees”

Lavender – creates your “protected space”

Basil – increases self-expression by opening the heart and mind

Rosemary – gladdens the spirit, invoking creative energy into action

Marjoram – stop obsessive thinking and removes negative groove from your brain

Vanilla – balances emotions, promotes serenity

Ginger – letting go of procrastination

Patchouli – unites all levels of your life

There are essential oils that are both stimulating and relaxing to the brain. Although it may seem that these actions would cancel each other they actually combine to produce a very enjoyable mood. The combination of relaxation and stimulation is probably one of the best kept secrets behind most aphrodisiac scents. The state of being completely relaxed and stimulated at the same time offers the perfect combination for an aphrodisiac since stress and tension are strong deterrents to passion.

DATE: Sunday February 8, 2015
TIME: 2-4pm
PLACE: Bridge to Avalon - 757 Saint Andrews Blvd.
COST: $75   

Heather Howell-Vitale AKA the Aromatic Alchemist has love, compassionate and great reverence for plant essences and their healing power. She custom blends for specifics, creates signature perfumes, consults and teaches a wide variety of workshops. In her private practice, Heather assists her clients’ issues, guiding them in obtaining wellness through the natural medicine of essential oils as a Clinical Aromatherapist formulating healing essential oil blends for health issues such as but not limited to: stress, clarity, eczema, menopause, ADHD/ADD, respiratory care, sinuses, sleep issues, energetics and much more. Heather also consults medical professionals, massage therapists and other healing practitioners as well as those who want to assist themselves and their families in a holistic approach to wellness through the use of essential oils.

Passionate about natural healing, Heather has over 15 years of experience in the realms of Aromatic therapy and healing modalities. Married life with three incredible children based on holistic living, energetic presence and nature is rewarding and fulfilling.  Call 843.614.7283 or visit our web at

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